The server that has been hosting was old and smelly. The new server is more fresh, updated more easily, etc. I moved the site to the new server today. If you see the site at all then DNS has updated for you (I stopped apache on the old server). Please let me know if you notice any errors anywhere on the site.

The server that hosts is being moved tonight. There is a 3 hour window when it can happen, but hopefully actual downtime is no longer than maybe 30 minutes.

The window is from 7:30-11pm PDT (UTC -07:00) April 3rd.. I believe that's 02:30-06:00 UTC, April 4th.

the server that hosts is being moved to a new data center Wednesday night through Thursday morning. The site will likely be down for several hours some time between April 23-24, 9pm - 4am PDT (UTC -07:00).

check it out wink

the-golem has been working hard on this for a couple of months now, and I finally got around to putting it up on the site. I think it's gorgeous myself.

Content is obviously lacking, outdated, or simply non-existent. That comes next. I just wanted to get things up so we can tweak. The forum, main site, and wiki are all integrated with the menus at the top and footer at the bottom, and eventually we're expecting to have accounts sync'd between the wiki and the forum (which is why wiki registrations are disabled right now).

two forum extensions have been enabled:

"stop bots"
requires you to answer two questions when registering. It also asks you these same questions when you post. It will then set a cookie so that it won't ask you the questions again for two weeks. After that it'll ask you the same questions again. They're easy questions.. trust me big_smile

this just adds a captcha at registration, when you go to reset your password, and when you fail several logins.

updated the State of the Step page with my write-up for what I've seen so far. Read through it, and then check out what we've done so far. Any help that can be provided will be great.

check out

It's an attempt at documenting our current status, what is still active, what needs to be done, and what questions we have. It is our starting point.

Check it out and let us know if you have any thoughts, suggestions, answers, questions, etc.

LOL @ title

Anyway, several (okay, like, four) of us on #lsdev got overly frustrated at the slow crash of websites dying lately. Spurned on by rootrider, we've begun to take steps to resurrect ourselves.

In the past week, we've:

1) Resurrected the progress news ( )
2) Fixed whatever was keeping from showing up.
3) This awesome-tastic forum! I personally tested out 4 or 5 opensource forum software, and I found this one to be the easiest to work with. It's nice and simple, and as it stands right now, we don't need an over-featured bloated forum to support our little community.

Also, I've looked at several wiki projects, but haven't been sold on any of them really. Does anyone out there have a favorite wiki software they like to use? If so, please discuss!

Additionally, I worked on a mockup website which will hopefully become the future litestep.(info|com|net)

Mockup of LiteStep website

Here's the mocked up website itself: