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I think its installed on my computer but I did not put there can anyone help at all


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err.. what? You're saying that Litestep is installed on your computer and you didn't install it yourself?

Please be more specific and detailed.

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Im not saying anything for sure except has if not LS something similar..What sent me in that direction have fairly new laptop was having many problems got to point couldnt load windows from disk.. Says many diffrent errors  Trying to re do partitions says has L S on.. Attached a log file from a scratch file in case you cant tell my knowledge on this subject is slim to known... But I have been fighting this problem for 9 plus months One is just LS just one line.. Then the other is the whole log if it looks like something someone can help with ..  Much appreciated.. Meant no disrspect.. Did not mean to implie anything...

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I'm not really sure what that log file is from or what it's for, but I'm assuming you're referring to this line?

PID=1804 Scratch directory set to 'C:\$WINDOWS.~LS\PackageTemp\4d5972a4-ee3b-481c-aedb-8d2420affd43'. - CDISMManager::put_ScratchDir

I see nothing in that log that is related to Litestep. Litestep is a replacement shell for Windows. It does not remove anything or touch any files that aren't it's own. The only change that's made is to tell Windows to load LS rather than Explorer (the default/standard shell). And this can be easily changed back at any time. Explorer is always there and can still be loaded whenever you want.

In other words, what you are describing doesn't sound like it has anything to do with Litestep. It sounds like you just have a computer issue.. probably related to a failing disk. Take the laptop to someone who knows what they're looking at and see if they can figure it out.

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Thank you for your time Im at a loose and grasping....if anyone could help me with some virtual system questions...Again thank you...