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Topic: Wallpaper(hidden?)

I'm using the latest version 0.4.5 on vista

I know it's a frequently asked question, but i really can't fix this problem.
My wallpaper appears when i click on "Desktop Background" in the control panel.
But it disappears every time i restart the computer.
It's like "hidden" behind a gray background.
When i switch from one theme to another the wallpaper i've set doesn't change.

What can i do?

I've tried to use different installers and older versions of litestep and...still nothing.
I've also tried to install different themes: still the same problem.

p.s: i'm a new litestep user, i have to admit that i don't know much...I'm sorry if it's a stupid question.


Re: Wallpaper(hidden?)

Basically, LiteStep saves the current wallpaper in $ThemeDir$, you have checked this? Try to erase this image.

You need to use a theme that uses a desktop module, jdesk-0.74 or XDESK-1.3.1 are the most up to date.
Tell which module you are using so we can help you better.


Re: Wallpaper(hidden?)

Thank you for your answer. This theme uses jdesk-0.73

$ThemeDir$ is the folder containing the theme right?
I'm currently using 1995 ls by pk1st and i see no wallpaper in this folder, not even the one i try to 'install'.
There were no wallpaper included in the theme and  actually see nothing that relates to a wallpaper in the theme.
There are some lines in 'theme.rc' redirecting to the image folder of the theme

    ThemeName                           "1995"
    ThemeAuthor                         "pk1st"   
    ConfigDir                           "$ThemeDir$config\"
    LSImageFolder                       "$ThemeDir$images\"
    ModulesDir                    "$ThemeDir$modules\"
    include                             "$ConfigDir$themevars.rc"
    include                             "$ConfigDir$popuptheme.rc"
    include                             "$ConfigDir$script.rc"


And the themevars is almost empty.(but i have the same problem with any other theme)


Re: Wallpaper(hidden?)

My guess is that you used a JPEG image for your wallpaper.  Convert the image to BMP and see if that helps.  There are also wallpaper modules that do load them from a specified location and your OTSv2 theme can support a wallpaper install...however...it isn't forced to a themer.  Most likely the grey you are seeing can be changed by going to the Control Panel >> Display >> Appearance >> Advanced >> Desktop and changing the color.


Re: Wallpaper(hidden?)

As I said before, you gave little information. Which version of your LiteStep? I use Windows 7 and LiteStep release 0.25.0 and everything that relates to wallpaper works perfectly. I think you put your version of LiteStep Open Source Installer (Losi version 0.4.5).

If I'm right, you are using the final version 0.24.8 which is not compatible with your Windows Vista.
Can you confirm this please?


Re: Wallpaper(hidden?)

About the bmp image, i've already tried sevral times and it doesn't work for me.
But i will maybe try the wallpaper module thing.

Oh sorry i didn't realise that was the installer's version. Yes i'm using 0.24.8. So which version should i use? I've already tried some older versions and still have the same problem.


Re: Wallpaper(hidden?)

You don't need an older version. You need to use 0.25.0. Get the latest experimental build from: http://www.lsdev.org/doku.php

Just extract the files into your litestep folder and replace what is already there.