Topic: Can't get reserved desktop space working properly

My problem is like the subject says, I can't get reserved desktop space to work properly.  It will work initially, then through normal computer use, something will break it until LS gets recycled.  I've tried using jdesk-0.74.dll and desktop2.dll, they both end up breaking.  Jdesk will break as soon as I run a video in fullscreen using media player classic.  After that, any maximized window will simply ignore the values until a recycle.  Desktop2.dll lasts longer, but it inevitably breaks too (haven't figured out the trigger yet).  I'm currently on Windows 7 64-bit and didn't have this problem using desktop2.dll back when I was on XP.  Does anyone have any ideas on this?


Re: Can't get reserved desktop space working properly

you did not say your version of LiteStep.

My sugestion:

if you make use of NetLoadModule-2.5.0, you can do:

NetLoadModuleOnLoad !jDeskSetWorkArea "0,0,0,0" (<left>,<top>,<right>,<bottom>)

The given action will be executed after NetLoadModule has completed loading all the modules listed by *NetLoadModule successfully.

read this, maybe it will help you.
http://atde.deviantart.com/journal/Lite … -220939241


Re: Can't get reserved desktop space working properly

I'm using Litestep 0.25.  It turns out my problem was not setting Litestep as the default shell and just running it as a test inside explorer, my bad.