Topic: xLabel alpha transparency problems

I'm trying to have an alpha transparency in xLabel 4.3 (using Litestep 0.25) on Win7 64 bit.  I've tried doing this multiple ways.  The first is to have the .PNG file simply use transparencies in the file itself, then enable the alpha map in xlabel.  The second is to simply tell xlabel to change the alpha transparency value.  Here's a sample of my config (this the alpha map version, I comment out the alphamap line and add the alphatransparency line to try the other method)

*Label leftbar
leftbarPaintingMode ".image"
leftbarimage    "C:\Litestep2\images\back.png"
leftbarX 0
leftbarY 350
;leftbarAlphaTransparency 128

In both cases, 2 bugs happen:

1. I don't see the results after a recycle.  If I activate my popup menu, then they'll appear.  Not a huge bug, but a bug.

2. Whenever I run a full screen game, after exiting, the alpha transparency completely ceases to function.  If I have another label that uses magic pink, all the transparent sections appear as pink.


Re: xLabel alpha transparency problems

I'm gonna suggest that you check the module load order to ensure that the alpha trans image isn't simply loading behind another image and then being brought to front by your click on the desktop.


Re: xLabel alpha transparency problems

Wow, that cleared everything right up, I forgot what a big difference load order can make.  Thanks a bunch!