Re: Window 7 x64 taskbar support

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Have fun on your vacation.

I did notice that your module works okay when LiteStep first executes, but as soon as it's recycled, the positioning of things breaks down. The sound stays fine, but the network click functionality vanishes, and the Action Center flyout stays permenantly placed near the top-left corner.

While emailing the source to me would be nice, I'm mostly inexperienced in coding myself. If you tossed up the code on a repository like github or googlecode, that would be fantastic.

Even more fantastic would be if you joined in on the discussions on our new forums; we'd really appreciate your input and insight.

Just keeping y'all in the loop.

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Re: Window 7 x64 taskbar support

I know it's sort of offtopic but I noticed that sometimes my theme used to crash in a way that even recycle did not help and i had to "taskkill /f /im litepstep.exe && start litestep.exe". Both xtaskbar and xtray and sometimes some xlabels moved to the topleft corner for no reason.

I've noticed it occuring mostly when using xtaskbar, xtray or anything to hook into a xlabel.

Also Another thing is that using xtaskbar's icon switch made my litestep ocasionally crash also for no reason.