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Where can you get the most recent build of LS. I run windows 7 64.


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The most recent build is the one from '09 over at lsdev.org sad

But it should work fairly decent even though it's about two years old now.

To quote Greywool (from our #litestep irc channel): "I think the worst issues I've heard are that lsxcommand flickers and some native windows systray icons don't respond to right-click"

It's all about what modules you pick to use together with the LS core.


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There are some other issues. A small number of control panel applications either don't load or crash explorer. On many systems LS crashes on startup. On one of my laptops win-X doesn't bring up the mobility center any more. On my newest laptop, the gestures on the touchpad only work once I've visited the mouse settings (without having to change any of the settings).

It's definitely usable (I use it on all my machines), but there are quirks and issues one needs to work around - which is still pretty good given the recent 'state of the step' :-)

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