Topic: Theme docs?

Recently I started using LS again after a long absence, and instantly loving it again lol. smile

Is there any documentation on LS theme making around? Or module docs for that matter?


Re: Theme docs?

The modules all comes with their docs included in their zip files. When you use NetLoadModule to download and install a module it will extract the docs and put them in $litestepdir$modules\docs\

The best way to learn how to write your own themes is to start modifying someone else's themes. There really aren't any docs/tutorials/guides around for that hmm


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Thanks, I started to look at some of them already. smile


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yeah.. I don't think we've ever had any "theme docs".. just the normal LS docs and individual module docs. Anyone who's learned to theme has done so by looking at other themes and then going from there. Good luck!

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Re: Theme docs?

Actually the old wiki had a couple of tutorials walking you through how to write a theme...


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No worries, already on that path, studying the themes already made. This topic was a much to see if there was an interest in collecting up docs, as asking about where they could possibly be.

Truth to be told - I am quite happy with the theme I found, only changing minor bits anyway.