Topic: Screen shifted??

After setting up LiteStep and restarting, my computer displays everything shifted down (relative to the monitor, if I rotate the display 180 in my graphics card settings it would be shifted up).. I have since uninstalled LiteStep and am still have the issue.. Also it displays fine when booting from my linux drive and on windows it displays fine until it gets to the final load screen and login screen.

I'm running Windows 7 x64

Thanks for the help in advance!


Re: Screen shifted??

By "everything is shifted" do you mean that the whole screen area is moved, meaning you have blank blackness at the (virtual) top of your screen? Does this mean your taskbar is hidden or partially off-screen?

This is really peculiar, but I don't know of anything in LiteStep that can mess with the screen like that.  Myself and a few others are also running the same version of windows, and this is the first I've heard of such a thing.

I suggest starting with the simplest first. Update or reinstall your video card drivers. Sometimes the monitor itself has a menu option that'll adjust the screen up/down/left/right.  Check that yours doesn't have something like that (or that it hasn't been fiddled with somehow).


Re: Screen shifted??

Never in 17 years, heard of this issue, sounds like  a driver for the Vcard went south..


Re: Screen shifted??

When you resize your resolution, Litestep dont refresh it self.
Rotating screen may have the same issue.
Litestep haves a boolen for this, (on core or on a desktop module). But dont works for me
manual !recycle (ctrl+alt+r) solve the weird positioning.
Read this:
http://atde.deviantart.com/journal/Lite … -220939241