Topic: Skined windows and desktop work area

I'm still using windowsXP. I use jDesk, but the problem is the same with xDesk.

If I use classic windows style, I must set 4px more than with skinned windows, ie:
jDeskWorkArea "1, 23, -1, -0"  < for skined windows
jDeskWorkArea "5, 27, -5, -4" < for classic windows

I don't think there's a way to detect wich type is in use so I has setup a option in themepopup to fix this.

My question is, is that the same problem with windows 7 / 8 ? So I can choose wich setting must be by default.


Re: Skined windows and desktop work area

That is probably going to be more of an issue with your window skin and not the size of the desktop.


Re: Skined windows and desktop work area

No, it's not a uxtheme patcher or any software bug but a problem that appear even with official winxp themes. Anyway i'll setup my theme to visual styles. I guess not much ppls use classic windows, but I'm curious about how it look on vista and up.