Topic: Highly Off Topic - TrueTransparency

Apologies for the very off-topic subject - but I think that you might be the right people to ask...

When wandering through all the LS themes on DA/Customize I noticed a lot of references to something called 'TrueTransparency'. I had never heard of it before - so I did a little research on Wikipedia and discovered that it will re-skin the annoying window borders (sounds like the hugely bug-ridden 'WindowBlinds' that I remember from years ago), that it used to be part of a 'vista transformation pack' and linked to the VTP website (http://www.windowsxlive.net/) where there is no mention of TrueTransparency at all.

With a bit more searching I managed to find a download and install it. That's where things started to get more difficult, so, a few questions:

- This is clearly the wrong place to be asking - but I could find no TT forum nor website. I inferred that the LS user community and the TT user community overlapped quite a lot. Does anyone know of a TT website/forum/mailing list?

- The download came with no documentation. Is there any available?

- It  seems to be working well - but only for some windows. Does anyone happen to know why?

If I can get an answer to the first question - I'll post there and stop bothering you...

Thanks, R.

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