Topic: those nasty tray icons...

I'm, or better I was an convinced Litestep user for many years, since Windows 98, but yesterday I had enough from those problems with the tray icons not showing. After trying about everything (several different themes with all kind of xTray and vTray modules, stopping and restarting the services, different tray configurations) without success I gave up. And found a satisfying alternative in SharpEnviro, which after a couple of tweaks does everything I need.
I'm really accustomed to the rightclick-ondesktop-menu, to the possibility of arranging my shell in a productive manner, which is possible with Litestep, but I also need access to the trayicons (the status monitor of my laserprinter for example)
So if one of your developper could at last solve this widespread issue then maybe Litestep will have a future.
I'm using Windows7 32bit, Litestep, xTray-2.2.2


Re: those nasty tray icons...

Sorry to say, it has been fixed ages ago already. tongue

You could try the LiteStep and xTray fix for Win7.

Also the alpha builds aren't really any less stable than 0.24.8. The ones from last year (and especially the n-modules) were built with Vista and above in mind. The new builds just require some newer C runtimes and might have issues with loading some of the older xModules. Other modules ought to be fine.

The n-modules are still a bit of a WIP, but if you've interested in checking 'em out, I have a somewhat rough theme uploaded over 'ere.