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Topic: nTask question

Hi, i am currently using xTaskbar for my taskbar and have it setup so that it is always centerd, so when a task is added or removed it reposition it, i am doing something like this wight now.

*xTaskbar Taskbar
TaskbarX                                 0c
TaskbarY                                0
TaskbarWidth                             0
TaskbarHeight                             30
TaskbarAlphaMap                        True
TaskbarOnAdd                         !xTaskbarRepositionBy Taskbar -119 0 240 0
TaskbarOnRemove                         !xTaskbarRepositionBy Taskbar 119 0 -240 0 

TaskbarButtonMaxWidth                    250
TaskbarButtonMaxHeight                    30
TaskbarButtonAlphaMap                    True
TaskbarButtonPaintingMode                 .image
TaskbarButtonXSpacing                    -12
TaskbarNormalButtonImage                taskbar_normal_button.png
TaskbarNormalButtonImageLeftEdge        15
TaskbarNormalButtonImageRightEdge        15

my question is how i would go about doing this with the nModules

saw that there was a bang called "nMove" in the docs, that i guess would work similar to the "!xTaskbarRepositionBy" bang
but i didn't see anything that would mimic the "TaskbarOnAdd " and "TaskbarOnRemove" commands.

Anyone know how to do this?


Re: nTask question


would like to be able to use the "!nPosition windowPrefix x y width height"
when ever a task is added or closed in the taskbar,
with the xTaskbar i would do this with the "OnAdd" and "OnRemove" commands, but i can't find anything like this with nmodules. is this not supported??


Re: nTask question

Hrm. Closest I have is

OnResize !nSize nTaskbar $dollar$1280 - 160 + 1 - nTrayCurrentWidth$dollar$ $nTaskbarHeight$

Don't know which events are working on nTask though. Hopefully Alur will find time to work on these again soon.


Re: nTask question

yeah tried that !nsize but wont do the trick. too bad, really like having that taskbar centered at the top  and only other thing i have there is a button for tray, would be nice if he could make this possible with nmodules.
guess i have to wait and see hmm