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So im trying to use wazup 1.35 module to show me the weather but i cant even load the module, comes up a error every time saying that it can't load the dll, im on w7 x64 using the 0.25 alpha.

is it that it can't run with this alpha build or something ??, if so is there some other way i can have my weather displayed ?


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anyone ?


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Tried it with a '13 build, got the error you described. Module loads fine on the couple years older LS alpha build.

When I was working on my theme, I had a look at wazup and other options as well. Eventually decided it was easiest to set a cronjob on my linux server to grab weather data, insert it into a .svg template file, then convert it into a .png image while also adding some extra graphics. Then set up a scheduled task on LS compy which grabs the file from the server every five mins and calls the !bang to update the graphic. tongue


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damn, if  that was the easiest way then what was the hardest ? wink


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Looking for old LS module sources which were probably designed to work with weather pages which no longer offer the services they require (or don't exist anymore at all) and then giving up and making a module from scratch. Which is way out of my league. tongue


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crap xD


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I really do hope someone solves this problem ... hmm