Topic: WinReducer Theme Project (associated with WinReducer Project)


I'm a Litestep member for quite sometime, and an old user of Litestep from the beginning.

My name is winterstorm2050, and I'm the developer of all WinReducer Software (to reduce Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 ISO size) at "www.winreducer.net", and I would like to submit you a project I have for a long time now ....

I would like to create a wonderful Litestep Theme, for a daily use, using the latest Litestep build and modules to be easily integrated in all WinReducer Software.

So, here are my ideas :
- Only use new Litestep Builds (LiteStep 0.25.0 "Alpha" and higher)
- Only use new Modules builds (v0.6 and higher)
- A Flat Design (but open to any other suggestions)
- Recreate a new Windows Desktop Experience, especially for Windows 8 and 8.1 Editions !

- All discussions will be made here by any interested people
- Completely free and open source
- Download links available here

So I would like to know if some people are interested to help me develop such theme, because I'm not able to do this alone with the new 0.25 builds (I haven't work on litestep for many times).

Any help is welcome and if you have designer skills I'm really interested.

I just hope that Alur will update both Litestep and modules builds as soon as he could.

Best Regards.