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Is it possible to change where the tooltip shows up ?, like some offset option ?, have my tray on the topright of screen and when i mosue over an icon the tooltip want to show it self on top of the tray but since ther aint no space available it moves itself down and cover the icons, but since that is also where the mouse is at that moment it kinda flickers on and of all the time really fast, instead of showing itself below the whole tray. was wondering if there is an offset option to set it either to be offset from tray or the mouse...
..could perhaps show a picture if it's confusing  big_smile


Re: nTray Tooltip

Unfortunately it's hardcoded to 5px above the tray icons right now.

https://github.com/alur/nModules/blob/m … ip.cpp#L47

I'll get this on my list smile I think in the short term the solution is to ensure that the tooltip does not overlay the rectangle where it's to be shown (the tray icon in this case). In the long term I'll probably add a setting for where to show it.


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Since balloon tooltip is a window, just use it's X and Y coords as offsets from where you're about to show it.


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The X and Y window values aren't really used in that fashion, and considering that you, as the themer, don't know how big the tooltips will be, I don't think that would be very useful.

My thinking was more along the lines of:

  mOffset = mSettings->GetInt(L"Offset", 5);
  mSettings->GetEnum<Placement>(L"Placement", {
      { Placement::Left, L"Left" },
      { Placement::Top, L"Top" },
      { Placement::Right, L"Right" },
      { Placement::Bottom, L"Bottom" },
  }, Placement::Top);


Re: nTray Tooltip

I don't really care about window size, it is already controlled in some reasonable fashion.

The problem is, while you know where icon, that emit the tooltip, is located, and can place tooltip to not cover it, you don't know, where the rest of icons is located (if at all), or how their location is important in regard to tooltip. You MAY try to find it out, but I don't think it's feasible, and it may sometimes be impossible...

Easier to just tell popup "go away this amount of pixels into that direction from where you were about to show".

No need to overcomplicate things that already complicated.