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Topic: One Problem

There is one problem though.
it's the problem i re-installed Litestep hoping to fix.

no matter what theme, when i click on my firefox shortcut (Litestep shortcut to start my web browser) my firefox crashes on startup.

if i point my evar to a windows .lnk shortcut that points to firefox... it still crashes.

my firefox does not crash from windows shortcuts, windows CMD execution, or from double clicking the firefox.exe itself.

this is a new problem and reinstalling firefox (and reinstalling the latest LS) did not fix it.

any suggestions?
(yes, cleaned my registry. didn't fix it)

win 7 ultimate 32 bit
firefox 20 (and no, i refuse to update my firefox. anything after v. 20 is very un-user-friendly for me)
Litestep re-downloaded and re-installed today.