Topic: nPopup problems

So i have this:

*On LeftClickUp none !popuptheme2

and i want a custom popup for ex. a startmenu.
and for the popup config i have this

!Popup "popuptheme2" ~New line

   "popup content goes here"..

i do not get any popup, what am i doing wrong ?? please help


Re: nPopup problems

I gave it a fiddle and came up with this:

*Popup "Testing Title Text" !New !testing
    *Popup .icon="shell32.dll,4" "Programs"    !PopupPrograms
    *Popup  "about"             !About
    *Popup  "recycle"           !Recycle
*Popup ~New

*nLabel Weather
*WeatherOn LeftClickUp none !testing

Used my weather label for testing. Whenever I left-click on it, the 'testing' popup shows up as expected.


Re: nPopup problems

thank you will give it a go, the docs over at https://code.google.com/p/n-modules/ is abit dodgy on the subject to say the least


Re: nPopup problems

So now i just have to figure out how to style that popup seperate from the regular popup, any ideas ?


Re: nPopup problems

Like this:

*Popup "Taskbar" !New !PopupTaskbar TaskbarPopup
    *Popup .icon="taskmgr.exe,0"    "Task manager"            "$TaskManager$"
*Popup ~New

And then you can use TaskbarPopup as a settings prefix instead of nPopup.