Topic: any progress on the nmodules ?

Is there any progress on the nmodules or has it halted ?
really hoping it aint halted as they are very good just need a few more features to it so that one can throw away those damn xmodules

right now i really want a feature similar to "OnMouseLeave" or a "OnFocusLost" or something like that.
and a module similar to the xstatsclass modules so i can get som data on netusage and cpu and ram and so on.

and a way to have a working slider to change the volume on w8.1,
but the best wold be if i could get the volume buttons to work
so i can just press the volume keys on my keyboard to change volume and not have to open the tray to click on volume icon to change it ... hmm


Re: any progress on the nmodules ?

Depends on which module you speak about, the "hovered" state is already there.


Re: any progress on the nmodules ?

talking about the nmodules project all of the modules

i know there already is a hovered state,
i was talking about "onMouseLeave" or "OnFocusLost" states(meaning "OnMouseLeave !DoSomething") wich i really miss, would be really appreciated especially for the tray and my startmenu so i dont have to click to close it every time.
and i want to make my volume buttons on keyboard work as well while using litestep.

and the fact that i can't use the xstatsclass when using nmodules(can use if i use xlabel but not nlabel)

really hope that alur still is alive and kicking so he can sit his ass down in his chair and start coding xD

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Re: any progress on the nmodules ?

That's events, not states.
No idea, gotta wait for alur to chime in.


Re: any progress on the nmodules ?

Oh, I'm still alive smile

I've been busy with other things and haven't booted into Windows for a while, so I haven't worked on the nModules for the last couple of months.

As for events, there are Leave and Enter events
https://github.com/alur/nModules/blob/m … r.cpp#L222

I don't think there is a focus lost event, but if you file an issue on github i'll make sure to get to it when I work on it next

btw, I've been pushing code to github rather than google code.