Topic: Nmodules Docs (mostly nLabel)

I am a little confused with the nmodules docs as i see in the GItHub they are all just incomplete HTML pages.
I have no problem reading stuff in that format, but the content is so minimal to me compared to xmodules.

Mostly i am confused about the variables that nLabel can make and the new system of nModules.
I still can access the old googlecode site from TheInternetArchive but the docs are not saved thus making me unable to check it.



Re: Nmodules Docs (mostly nLabel)

Sorry for taking my time, been quite preoccupied with things.

But, I've rigged up what nModules' googlecode wiki had before it went kaploof, more or less. It might still have a hitch or a link leading to a page which doesn't exist, but should be good 'nough to get info out of.


Will be adding other docs as well, but that'll have to be another day. Or week. tongue