Topic: keyboard volume keys & nKey issues

Why is it that my volume and mute keys on keyboard wont work when i use litestep ?, it won't work with neither nKey or jKey

I would like to be able to change my volume with my keyboard.
i have a keyboard where my volume keys are on the F10-F12 keys.
and when i press a function key i should be able to change or mute my sound but they are not working.

but then i have my media keys on F7-F9 and they do work i can paus/play/next etc..
anyone have any ideas?

for the moment i have this

    *On LeftClickDown none !execute ["nircmd.exe" "changesysvolume" "-6553,5"]
    *On RightClickDown none !execute ["nircmd.exe" "changesysvolume" "6553,5"]
    *On MiddleClickDown none !execute ["sndvol.exe" "-f" "68683616"]

i utilize  a tool called nircmd

and when i click on this label i either turn the volume upp 10% or down 10% and middle clicking it  will popup that little windows volume slider.

wich actually works really good, but i have volume keys on my keyboard that i would like to use.

and then there is the issue i am having with nKey and i dont know if there is something im doing wrong or not
if i use nKey instead of jKey and then do

 nKeyVKTable        "$PersonalDir$nkey\nkey.vk"
 nKeyLeftWindows  !Popup

this will will not work for me, and i have no idea what is wrong with it.

do someone have any ideas on any of this? hmm

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Re: keyboard volume keys & nKey issues

i tried using the module tVolEzy and jkey. then i could do

*Hotkey .none 0xAD !tVolEzyToggleMute

this way i could make my keyboards volume buttons work as intended but i started to get litestep crashes with it and my
windows audio service stopped working and it needed a restart, this was mostly when i switched audio device.
as i use a program called SoundSwitch that allows me to switch the device with hotkeys as i like to switch between my display speekers and my headset.


Re: keyboard volume keys & nKey issues

I'm using nKey and tVolEzy (selfbuilt with newer visual studio)

The relevant part of my config is like this:

nKeyVKTable $PersonalDir$vkeys.txt

;   Sound hotkeys
    ShowErrors true
    UnmuteOnVolUp true
    UnmuteOnVolDown false
    - .none    SOUND_UP !tVolEzyUp 2
    - .none    SOUND_DOWN !tVolEzyDown 2
    - .none    SOUND_TOGGLE !tVolEzyToggleMute

And vkeys.txt has this inside:



Re: keyboard volume keys & nKey issues

Mute toggle usually works without any additional messing, as it is OS-controlled functionality.

That said, LiteStep crashes are probably from self-built library. @alur said certain versions of VS just unable to produce correct code.
We'd need more information on this.


Re: keyboard volume keys & nKey issues

can't remember mute or volume keys working at all when using litestep under w8.1.

i will give it another go with the tVolEzy module with nkey, i just never tried it with nkey, as i got crashes of litestep and the windows audio service when using it with jkey i just disabled it. but i'll give it another go

but it would be nice if the volume and mute keys could work without an extra module ..