Topic: Litestep x64 for windows 8 and 10

Litestep 25.0 x64
This is Litestep 25.0 alpha build (http://www.lsdev.org/doku.php?id=lsdev:downloads)
Based on ALI from testmad (https://github.com/testmad/ALI/tree/master/bin)
Included are the latest nightly nModules from AnrDaemon (http://project.rootdir.org/library/litestep/modules/)
Setshell x64.exe from lsdev.org latest alpha build (http://www.lsdev.org/doku.php?id=lsdev:downloads)
Easyevars.exe from testmad (https://github.com/testmad/ALI/tree/master/bin)
Netloadmodule 2.5.0 from alur (http://lsmodules.alurcard2.net/)
Theme nSimpleGlass from SwE-DynamiteN (http://swe-dynamiten.deviantart.com/)
popup.rc for windows 8 and 10 is from tackmack (http://tackmack.deviantart.com/)

Here is what you need to do https://www.dropbox.com/s/xw69ccjyct0h0 … 5.zip?dl=0
1. unzip all files from litestep2015 somewhere and open the folder
2. Install ALI LiteStep_0.25.0a-13.08.07_Setup
3. Unzip the nModules to your Module folder
4. Unzip the latest alpha build x64
5. Unzip lsbackup
6. Rename the profile folder to your own profile name
7. Edit evars to your own needs
8. After that is done execute SetShellx64 and browse to your litestep.exe
9. you will reboot, litestep can crash in the begin but it is only once i ignore it
10. enjoy litestep

Extra links:
http://litestep-desktop.deviantart.com/ (litestep group)
http://forums.litestep.info/ (litestep forum)
https://www.facebook.com/litestep.shell/?fref=ts (litestep facebook)

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To clarify, nModules are not from me, they are from alur, I only build them from the repo a little bit more often.
Please change your post.


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https://www.dropbox.com/s/itg5459zfaewd … 5.zip?dl=0 new dropbox link