Topic: xlabel and lsxcommand ?

I've been making do with litestep v0.24.0 for a while and decided to upgrade to
v0.25.0 alpha (that is the latest, yes?) because 24 may be the cause of some system problems and 25 has the background update (and i do miss my backgrounds!)

the problem is every time i try to load xlabel or lsxcommand they crash and i'm having to go without.
(you never know how much you'd miss command until you don't have it!!!)

i've tried various lsxcommand and xlabel module versions and am having no luck -
it just throws the standard "could not load module" warning

What's a good way to debug this so i can at least narrow down the problem?

and, um... yeah - litestep works so well i havn't had to tinker with my theme settings in a long time. so talk to me like i'm a 4 year old, please.

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

*NetLoadModule vtray-1.10
;*NetLoadModule tasks-0.92-b3
*NetLoadModule tasks-0.96.1

;*NetLoadModule lsxcommand-2.0.2
;*NetLoadModule lsxcommand-2.0.1
;*NetLoadModule lsxcommand-1.9.4

;*NetLoadModule shortcut2-2.0
*NetLoadModule shortcut3-2.0.1
;*NetLoadModule ckvwm-1.40
;*NetLoadModule geekamp-1.9.7
*NetLoadModule geekamp-2.0
*NetLoadModule chronos-1.5
;*NetLoadModule popup2-2.0
*NetLoadModule popup2-2.2
;*NetLoadModule jamptoo-1.4
;*NetLoadModule jdesk-0.74
*NetLoadModule jdesk-0.75
;*NetLoadModule jdesk-0.711
;*NetLoadModule mzscript-0.8.6l
*NetLoadModule mzscript-1.0.4
;*NetLoadModule textedit-2.4l-13
*NetLoadModule textedit-2.52
;*NetLoadModule Clickonic-1.1.5-pre2
*NetLoadModule Clickonic-1.1.5
;*NetLoadModule label-1.991

;*NetLoadmodule xlabel-4.4


Re: xlabel and lsxcommand ?

The problem is that xModules are compiled in a special way which makes 'em not work with the post-2009 builds, you would need to snag the source code from somewhere and compile 'em yourself.

What I would recommend is to tweak your theme to use nModules instead (Can grab 'em at any module mirror worth its salt), they're built from ground-up for Vista and above. Unfortunately they're still rather WIP (and Alur is too busy with Life to work on 'em) and miss a feature or two from xMods (for example, autoresizing label to fit text content). Also, they ship without docs, but they can be found here and here.
If you want a theme using nMods to reference, I have one up here.

Can't say much 'bout lsxcommand though, haven't touched that in the last decade or so. tongue


Re: xlabel and lsxcommand ?

Ok, thank you GreyWool.

It's nice to see that LOSI still has people around smile