Topic: Cannot Install Litestep

I use Windows 10 x64, despite trying multiple times and downloading all necessary files (the ones listed here: http://ls.greywool.com/install/#vista64) I still get an error massage saying I am missing DLLs.


Installed VC:



Re: Cannot Install Litestep

Just as a wild stab in the dark, my first guess would be that as LOSI installs the 32bit version of Litestep, it's expecting the 32bit versions of the redists, not the x64 ones.

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Re: Cannot Install Litestep

Is there a 64 bit version?


Re: Cannot Install Litestep

Nope. The install guide wouldn't need the "replace things with the 64bit versions" bit in that case.


Re: Cannot Install Litestep

What should I do, in that case?


Re: Cannot Install Litestep

Install 32bit versions of the necessary redists. There're links to 'em here