Topic: help with nTray (nModules)

I'm a bit stomped on this, dont even know if there is a way for it behave like i want at it's current state..
im using the 0.25 alpha version on win8.1
and the latest nModules that can be found here
that AnrDeamon posted about here

basically i have the taskbar and the tray beside each other and in the nTray config i have the width set 0 and then uses the onresize option so that the taskbar adjusts itself whenever a icon is added or removed from tray, and this works just fine,
but the problem/issue i now face is that i dont always want the tray visible and so i can use the !nToggle function to toggle between visible/hidden but if i hide the tray i want the taskbar too adjust the width accordingly, since when i hide the tray, there is more room for the taskbar, and when toggled back to visible the taskbar should adjust it's width again, so it wont overflow over the tray.

i've been trying to figure this out, but can't find any solution for it.