Topic: xtray 2.4+ invisible icons

Windows XP SP3

xTray 2.4 or 2.4.1 has this behavior where the icons are not visible within the tray.  Hovering over the tray will give you the tooltip for each individual program and they're clickable, so it's functioning in every way other than visually.  I've tried Litestep builds 0.24.8 and 0.25.0 as well, behavior is the same.

There is an older thread about this but the fixes do not work and the links have since expired.  I'm pretty sure the fix simply suggests downloading xTray 2.4.1 but I have that module version and the problem persists.

xTray 2.2.2 has visible icons but it is buggier in other ways.  Mumble is not clickable from the tray, sometime the tray will expand to nearly cover the entire screen, and other times it'll crash litestep altogether.


Re: xtray 2.4+ invisible icons


After xTray 2.4.1 expanded to take up my entire screen as hold versions had I decided to look into this again.  The problem seems to come from using an old xPaintClass that's labeled as 1.0 but isn't the correct module.  I downloaded xPaintClass from this site, put it in the correct folder, and the tray icons appeared.

Anyway, just leaving this hear for anyone else that has this problem.