Topic: Ancient modules and some source available

I was an LS user for several years, probably from around '98 or '99 and quite a few years on. Spent a lot of time tweaking and setting it up. Too much time! Eventually I ended up using PureLS as my no1 shell, but just plain old Win10 these days...

Anyway, I've got an old HDD laying around, it's been in a cupboard since 2004 and I just bought a SATA and IDE adapter and the drive was alive and well. I'm posting here because there's quite a lot of old LS-stuff on it. Old installers, modules, LS-source and things like that. I'm guessing other, more prominent members of the LS community have access to the same things, but thought I'd at least bring it up here, in case anyone want to look at some of it.

Let me know if this may be of any interest at all, and I'll post some more details. I've taken a few screenshots just to show you a little of what's on the drive: https://imgur.com/a/ooDt1


Re: Ancient modules and some source available

If you have modules/sources not available at the current NLMsites, please do share!



Re: Ancient modules and some source available

I'll take a look, but those archives look pretty extensive, I suspect they've got them all. Is there a theme repository these days? I could upload the themes I've got there, if they're not available already. Not themes that I made, but I did download a few back in the day.


Re: Ancient modules and some source available

No theme repository that I'm aware of. Just scattered around DeviantArt and whathaveyou these days