Topic: How to keep Litestep from dying

hey guys.  I have a sensible but annoying suggestion.
So I was launching my PC today after having come home from fixing my Mom's PC.
When I started it up i thought about how glad i was that i had LiteStep instead of windows explorer as my shell.

Then it occured to me.... how long have I been using litestep?  It's been several years.
So I checked my Popup menu, found the About, and read it.

My LiteStep was compiled on Sept 2nd 2014 (LiteStep 0.25.0 Alpha)
It uses the TurtleSoup II theme by Doodle - which was made for an earlier LiteStep and i had to make some adjustments to get it to work and customize it for my preferred taste and 3 monitors.

So for about 5 years I have not updated LiteStep, visited the LiteStep community, or even thought about it.
If everyone does this then the individuals that work on LiteStep will have no idea how much they are appreciated in the back of our minds.  It works so well that we tend to install it, customize it, and then disappear for years.

In fact - I haven't been to this forum for such a long amount of time that i forgot i was registered and accidentally found my old registration e-mail while searching my for my new-attempted registration.

Litestep needs an update notification option.  Just check once a month. a very simple little popup in the corner of your screen :

"New Litestep Is Available.
Your Version: 
New Version:
X of Y number of modules have updates"

This is what it would take for someone like me to not forget how long it's been.
It'd also give me a reminder to pop in and say "Yes, I still use this.  Keep LiteStep Alive"


(Current system:
Win7 64bit
Dual Athlon processor
4 GB Ram
3 Displays
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti