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I was surprised to see my last post received 145 views in just 10 days. This leads me to believe more people are interested in keeping LS alive than one would think by looking at the long periods of no new posts on this forum.

Perhaps all of these views are webcrawlers and bots, and perhaps not.

So let's try this:
1 - Do you still use LS?
1b- if you do not, then why? And would you consider returning to it,?
2 - What is your OS and OS version/distro
3 - are you fluent in C or C++ (including MS Visual C++)
4 - Would you volunteer time to help update LS?
5 - Would you volunteer time to beta-test a new LS if it was revived?
6 - would you create new/updated modules or themes for a new LS and share them?


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Hello there.
I hope its not just the two of us - still using LS for a really long time now - actually never was satified with the default Windows XX UI - and LS replaced Blackbox (bblean) more than a decade ago.
Actually iam using Litestep as a Right-Click StartMenu in conjunction with a fileexplorer replacement (Directory Opus) with the latest Microsoft Client and Server (win10 + 2019) Versions - which still works perfectly.

Have a look: https://i.imgur.com/Ieu3kfm.jpg (https://imgur.com/Ieu3kfm)

Iam using almost no plugin other than xpopup.
The LS Menu itself popups when i right click the taskbar or the desktop wallpaper - iam using the tool "X-MouseButton Control" for that.

As iam a dev i could help somehow - although i dont have any C or C++ knowledge. But since everything is working fine as required (at least for me) - what do you exactly plan to develop?

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Been using LS for ages (early 2000, around .24) but stopped around 3-4 years ago because windows 10 didn't really support it, at least not well.

If there is a way of getting it working as it used to I would love to start using it and making themes again. smile


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Using it on Windows 10 20h2 x64 Bit.

I use a modified x64 version of Litestep, due the lack of x64 Modules i can only use nModelu Themes.


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Yeah, also using it on win10...

LiteStep addict since b23. http://brembs.net