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Topic: Litestep 2021

Hello there, long time no updates...

Here we are in 2021, Litestep has not been maintained for over 6 years. The last module update was back in 2015. i found an old back-up which i shared on different forums, art sites and social media. It appears that everything is still working, the version you see here is a complete clean version of the New/Old Build. I removed my personal data and i made 2 themes working.

Here is my DeviantArt Post: https://www.deviantart.com/tackmack/art … -872785216

Keep in mind that this build is x64/64 Bit and it uses nModules from greywool. x32/32bit Modules are not capable with this version.

Themes included are:
nSimpleGlass & SUE

Do not forget to edit your Evars, you can find these in the profile folder and/or you can use the easyevar tool to set them right.

here is the link have fun.
Google Drive
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZMscY … UsNVCD4M7e

https://mega.nz/file/PxtjUKhJ#z7q6woouv … VqjeJtPMUQ

Wallpaper not included.


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Updated with a Mega.nz link. Seems that google drive is a bit stubborn


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Awesome, good work! But if nobody's around to develop and improve it, it'll be just you and me who are using LS these days :-)

LiteStep addict since b23. http://brembs.net


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well its a bit sad but Litestep is unusable in windows 10 - not that I still use windows anyway.

I can recommend plasma-shell for something that feels a bit like it in Linux smile

The main problem with further development of alternative shells on windows is that the system is now hostile against the modularity you would need for it. By that i mean Metro applications in particular that depend on a running explorer shell to work.


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well 3 then wink
At least its still working and MS is not thinking of an right click shell addon...


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I still long for LiteStep to return.

I created a bunch of LiteStep themes in the past: https://www.deviantart.com/yboris

What a shame customize.org isn't around any more! Is there any other place besides DeviantArt which still has LiteStep themes?