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I guess this is sort of a 'thank you and I'm amazed you're still alive' sort of post.

Before I abandoned windows and became a linux user, litestep was my shell replacement of choice - I used it for years to make my desktop easier and nicer to use. I've continued watching the project ever since I stopped using it, and have watched it (at least on the surface) slowly die out in development and popularity.

To be honest, I was shocked to find this site and to even know that there were still litestep developers out there!

All I can say is, keep up the good work, and thank you for all your hard work to date.


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No problem, we hope for even more activity in the future.


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Here's a good thread for me to say hi in... smile

Some of you may remember me and I certainly remember a number of names I see on this forum.  While I haven't been active in the community in a couple-plus years, I have been lurking and watching in the background.  It's really nice to see there's still life left in Litestep!  I recently installed it again, and after a few tweaks in some of my themes, it runs really well on win7.

A few names I see missing here... Fractal, West, Brian, DeV... They still around?  How about the legendary Andymon?

Anyway, hope you all are good!


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Sup xcal? smile

DeViLbOi is still around actually. All the others I haven't heard of in ages.

Don't forget even now there are still quite a few of us on #litestep on freenode.net smile


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I'm hoping for more activity soon too as i'm a HUGE litestep fan!


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Long time LiteStep user here! glad to see live users  smile


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Welcome to the forums KramLaFup smile


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Love it that you are active again...  Reflection theme has been on my machine for as long as I can remember, one of the first things I do on a re-install is install litestep  .... thanks for all the work past and present guys.