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Topic: IceFlame Theme Beta

the theme is still unfinished, but I think it is mature enough to release it, so there is no help file or readme.
I am creating the theme for years, I had posted a screen shot in lsthemes, but the site is down, so the right place to launch it is this.
If you need help post here and I'll try to respond as soon as I have time, I apologize for that, because due to my work I have little time to create the theme.
We will not let die LiteStep.
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Sorry, here is the screenshot and theme file.


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A screenshot please


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I like how the icons extends outside of the bar! Well done smile

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Thank you. I created these icons because I use win7 and was discouraged with the incompatibility of xTray. So I hid xtray and when I need it just show and hide it again after using it. I tried to keep the icons jumping from bar to follow the layout of the icon of the blue flame. So xtaskbar also has icons with the same kind of appearance. And now I take a little bit more space on the screen of my netbook. :-)


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Nice theme, reminds me abit of KDE I might create a modified version of this theme later.


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Thank you. I'm not a Linux fan, except for Ubuntu. But I did some research and found out that you talked about KDE in Mandriva 2011. It really is very similar, but my bar can only pin programs. IceFlame not have StackFolders. I think in future I will create something like SimpleWelcome to replace desktop icons. Thank you Baron.