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Topic: FAQ?

I see the "Docs" section is empty, so is there a FAQ?  I like to read those before asking questions...

If not, can I revert back to windows explorer if I don't like this?  How involved is that if possible?
Does this work on Win7 64 bit?



Re: FAQ?

Yes, you can revert just by uninstalling it like any other program smile
Yes, it works on Win7 64bit, but you have to be a bit picky about what modules you use, and you have to update your LS build to the experimental build from 2009

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Re: FAQ?

OK, Thank you.
Beta LOSI 0.4 released 2009.03.18 seems to be one of two from 2009, and is the 2nd on the list, so is this the one?


Re: FAQ?

you're confusing distro LiteStep installer with their own LiteStep.
Some distros installers have been launched to make life easier for users to start using LiteStep from zero, the most popular are: OMAR Installer, and LOSI (LiteStep Open Source Installer). However LOSI is still active today. Then use it.
LOSI uses the stable version 0.24.8 Final, install LOSI, and go to download the lsdev.org '2009-04-04 experimental build. With LiteStep closed, you need to manually update the files in the folder of your installation with the LiteStep downloaded from lsdev.org.
Good luck