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I recently changed OS from XP to win7 but i made a terrible mistake. I forgot to backup my litestep theme.  I never really finished my theme and therefore I didn't publish it. Now i'm trying to recreate and I need help. It's a very simple and basic theme but together with AutoHotkey it's a magical and unique desktop setup. So the problems I have are these:

1. How to hardcode the backgroundcolor of the taskbar black.
2. How to align the icons to the right.

I use xtaskbar-2.3.2. If someone have the xmodule docs please upload them.
I made a demo video of my desktop setup, check it out, and help me achieve the same thing on win7.


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Re: Need help with xTaskbar

I'm on a library computer at the moment, and can't open helpfiles, so my syntax may be off.

For 1. You need to check out the xpaintclass part of the helpfile, specifically xPaintTexture.

Off the top off my head, it'll look something like:

xTaskbarPaintingMode .singlecolor

and then...

xTaskbarColor 000000

If you want to be using gradients, you need .multicolor.

Like I said, my syntax might be a bit off, since I can't look in the helpfile at the moment, but check in there for something along the lines of what I posted.

For your 2., it'll be in the same part of the helpfile, under xPaintIcon.  Can't remotely remember the syntax for that at the moment.

Edit:  Just noticed you said "If someone have the xmodule docs please upload them."  I just checked the zip file at http://www.shellfront.org/modules/ and the helpfile is included.


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Wow, thanks a bunch. It worked but the correct syntax for coloring the taskbar was:

xTaskbarColors 000000

The list of links is just what i was looking for, you are best.


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No problem, glad you figured it out.


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I have seen the video

and, what was amazing once you have made
I even get an inspiration from your demo video

i want to bookmark your video

thank you


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Glad you liked it biblio, thank you. If anyone wonders i've made good progress and today I actually managed to get it to work on a friends computer. But for some odd reason the vcredists didn't install perfect so we coulldn't use any of the xmodules. So I made a new theme for him with some older modules and it turned out really well. I'm planning on making a tutorial video and upload the ls theme and ahk scripts, and foobar config i've used soon.