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Hello everyone.

I've used Litestep for many many years now, but haven't updated my theme the last few years (much). When i upgraded to Win7 i didn't get my old Litestep theme to work and since it seemed (then) that Litestep was kind of dead I sadly keep going with the explorer shell.

Even so I now and then google for litestep to see if there is any hope for a rebirth and here I am smile

Will try to get Litestep running on my Win7 now.

If anyway possible I am happy to help getting Litestep back to what it once was (or even better).


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Nice to see more people signing up here.

With module updates, I've had very good luck with getting my old themes working under win7.


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I wonder if LS has ever been "dead". It has lived on for years using the same old modules. In fact module writers have continued to update their modules over the years - http://modules.shellfront.org/ - just look at the dates on that page (use sort at the top). Graphic artists in the know have been using LS and showing off their themes on DeviantArt and other art sites from 99/2000 up to the present time. Reports of LS death have been greatly exaggerated as the a great man once said.


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LS is still alive indeed.

I switched over to it this past week.  I should have known about it a long time ago.  It was difficult to configure but worth it in the end.

The documentation for configuring modules can use improvement.  I find that it lacks examples and tutorials, a deficiency that I could overcome only by experimentation and by message board posts dating back as far as 2002.

I gather from some posts that LS has, for some people, been a first step toward migrating to Linux.  I don't actually see myself moving to an operating system where you have to configure everything from stem to stern just to make it even start working, only so that I would have to jump back to Windows every time I wanted to run an old application in my collection.

LS is a nice remedy for fruity Microsoft displays, and I hope updates will keep coming along for Windows 7 and 8 and then Whatever.

I will be holding onto XP for as long as I can.