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Here's what I'm having problems with:

It's the setting for AlbumArt as to where the album cover should be saved.

(group)ParsePath (STRING)
- Path where AlbumArt should save a copy of the current artwork if it was
  extracted from an ID3 tag. Omitting this setting will prevent AlbumArt from
  scanning ID3 tags for cover art. If a relative path is given, the picture 
  will be saved in $LSImageFolder$.
  Default: ""

If I try:
CoverParsePath        "music\"
CoverParsePath        ""

the file won't save. So it seems I have to explicitly say what the file is being saved as even though it says a relative path can be given.
CoverParsePath        "music\currentalbumart.jpg"

Problem is not all the covers are .jpg


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Just to be sure: Have you defined your $LSImageFolder$ elsewhere (like in theme.rc, for example) in the theme?


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yeah so I don't think it's at all possible.
Thanks though golem.


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When I wrote "relative" I mean't relative as in not absolute. e.g. "music\currentalbumart.jpg" is relative. "c:\music\currentalbumart.jpg" is absolute. AlbumArt would convert "music\currentalbumart.jpg" to $LSImageFolder$music\currentalbumart.jpg internally.

I'm aware of that not all covers are .jpg, but as this is after all a temporary file that will be overwritten on the next wallpaper, I didn't think it was important. I don't think any LiteStep module cares about the file extension of images, but if there is an actual problem with this I could fix it in AlbumArt.


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Ok I see what you mean now thanks.

And yeah in the rare case the image is .png it will not show.
Also I don't know if it has to do with the tags or not but sometimes Winamp doesn't want to read the Album Art so there is no image. Foobar has no problem seeing it though :\ Oh well.

And if it's not a big problem for you to fix it would be great.
Although I should probably just start using .jpg's