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Hi all,

I'm getting my head around using LS on my pc, but I'm coming across a few problems, which, I hope, have resolution... I'm using Windows 7 x86, btw.

The first one is that I'm trying to set a couple of folders on my popup. All goes fine and dandy until I actually open the folders. I had them set up to open without any panes. However, any time I open one of them, they come up with the navigation pane on when I don't want them to. If I double-click a sub-folder, it disappears and it doesn't appear again if I navigate to the original folder, but what I really wanted was for it to never show up in the first place. Is there any way to make this right? This is how I have them set up in my popup:

*Popup "Pictures"                   !execute ["$FileManager$" /e,"C:\Users\Bruno\Pictures"]

My other and hair pulling problem is the legendary volume control... Is there a utter-noob proof tutorial or way to make  it work? My laptop has three ways of controlling the volume (including controlling it through the taskbar) and I'm reduced to none of them.



Re: Little help, please

I do not understand your problem with the popup, you say you have set up something, but not proved that.

BrunoADDuarte wrote:

I had them set up to open without any panes.

which configuration you used? which the module and what version?
the volume, read this:
and this:


Re: Little help, please

What I meant was, back when I was using explorer.exe, I had my folders configured to open without any panes active, meaning no details, preview or navigation panes. When I started using LS and configured my popup however, every folder I open through it appears with the navigation pane on. And I don't want it to appear. I'm not using anything in particular. I just installed LS 0.25, downloaded a theme (which, I think, uses most of the regular modules) and configured some evars and the popup, nothing more.

As for the volume problem I don't understand most of that module talk, but I'll give it a whirl.


Re: Little help, please

I do not believe this is a problem or LiteStep module. try to use Win + E and see if the panels are there, if they are, disable them again, close explorer and open again, and see if the problem persists. Additionally, read this:

I personally use Explorer + + (and Notepad + +), believing that explorer.exe (and notepad.exe) impairs a little LiteStep, it appears that both hinder the detection of "WINDOW_CLASS_NAME" and end up breaking LiteStep, if you use xModules and grouping tasks in xTaskbar .

the volume, if what you want is a module, I've heard of LSSlider and tVolEzy, creates a slider control, and the other creates the volume control, finally, one helps the other. LSSlider just seems that is not compatible with alpha mapping. In the topics that you've already talked about it, I've solved my problem and the problem of friends in the forum, but I use as xlabel slider in conjunction with tVolEzy and jkey to work with the keyboard. (FN+VOLUP, FN+VOLDOWN e FN+MUTE).