Topic: LiteStep on Github

The dev team is in the process of moving the LiteStep source from CVS to Github. We hope this will make it easier for other people to contribute and also for us to get code checked out by one another even when no one is around at the same time.

You can find the repository here: https://github.com/lsdev/litestep Feel free to make your own fork and send pull requests if you want to make additions. You can find features that are being worked on in branches.


Re: LiteStep on Github

Great to hear this ! There are some great projects on GitHub and it obviously has some good services for coders. LS moves into the LIGHT again !


Re: LiteStep on Github

Is the source in the GitHub repo from the 0.24.8 release? Or the "0.25.0 alpha" experimental builds?


Re: LiteStep on Github

It is the latest 0.25.0 build.