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jugg wrote:

and speaking of ssl - could we at least get a self signed cert going for this site while logging in?

that's something I'll have to look into

/me adds this to the list

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I'm immensely pleased to see that something is happening again with LiteStep! I'm still using it on virtually all of my machines, which means that I've grown extremely accustomed to my desktop which basically hasn't changed since 1998. Twelve to 14h a day using the same interface for 13 years makes it extremely hard to ever use anything else again, let me tell you that!

I'd be happy to help out with whatever I can, which, unfortunately isn't much since my coding sucks. I still could test new builds, hunt bugs and help out on websites or chip in a few bucks if needed.

I definitely think that an own theme site would be nice, but I also agree that this can wait for the time when there are again more LiteStep users. As of now, only old or hardcore users will be using LiteStep and they'll find whatever they need anyway.

Clearly, LiteStep only is what it is due to the modules. So there I think a modules.litestep.info would be extremely valuable, as long as every single module is made sure to work or it is yanked from the site.

It feels so incredibly good to see something happening again - because of LiteStep, Steve Jobs' stuff never had any appeal!

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I'm pleased as well !

If you're interested then here's is what I'm working on / where I fit in, which seems to involve just doing my little bit ...

> I already showed that LS can be built in the latest MS VC++ compiler (the free one called Express). Not any great surprise, just nice to see it working.

> I'm working on setting up the build environment in Linux using Code::Blocks. This might be helpful to developers that moved to Linux and are interested in LS but don't want to have their developer environment in Windows. It's possible to build for Win32 in Linux using MingW32.

> Mozzying along just understanding the LS code (I'm not a veteran of LS development) and providing any fixes where I can.


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It's great to hear that you're playing around with the source code djbarney!


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LiteStep Logs are online. (See "news release" http://lsp.litestep.info/index.php?page=index;item=171).
Link to Logs: http://irclogs.roenfanz.info/

Update the SotS?


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litestep.net/com are back online


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Thank you jugg !