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Re: Help on creating a theme

open the folder where LiteStep is installed, finalize litestep.exe (using task manager), and delete all files in "$LiteStepDir$Modules\" "$LiteStepDir$Modules\Docs\" and "$LiteStepDir$Modules\Archive\" (except XDESK-1.3.1 and jkey-0.39), go to lsdev.org and download 0.25.0 patch (sorry lsdev is down file is here -> https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B9tXLB … mc2NBbzg), extract the files to "C:\LITESTEP\".

xPaintClass must be in a only place: "C:\LITESTEP\MODULES\" and version is 1.0.7 (to check, use c:\litestep\litestep.exe !Alert "$xPaintClassVersion$")

Just for explain: LOSI have the last stable version of LiteStep for WinXP 0.24.8, but for WinVista and up, you must use the 0.25.0 experimental build.

Then start LiteStep.

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Re: Help on creating a theme

Your link is broken
But foud the 0.25.0 zip online.

Tried LOSI 0.45.0 + 0.25.0 core files
Tried LOSI 0.45.0 + 0.24.8 core files
Tried LOSI 0.45.0 + 0.24.8 core files + 0.25.0 core files

Tried "litestep_installer-" + 0.25.0 core files
Tried "litestep_installer-" + 0.45.0 core files
Tried "litestep_installer-" + 0.45.0 core files + 0.25.0 core files

xPainClass = 1.0.7

If I try to add Computer on the top bar litestep crashes to something we've see before :

Error in Expression:
1OnDrop shortcut

Syntax Error: Expected END, but found ID

And litestep restarts.

If I try to delete the just added Computer (the button, because there's no text) the thing crashes too.

Also, the right click menu showed up only once, then never again.

Also, when I click the Computer button to view it's contents, the screen dims out, and nothing else happens.

The keyboard's volume control won't work. Neither to raise the volume, or to mute/unmute.

Those require Explorer to work.

If there's no way to fix this, then I cannot use litestep at all. If that's so, our work is over.

A progress: Now there is a wallpaper.
The background was black before.

Another wish: we need a quick acess toolbar.
And more spacing between the icons on the bottom bar.

If you give up, you can take for you any graphics I did, in case you find any use.

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Re: Help on creating a theme

Shell folders will'nt works here ( My Computer, Control Panel, Recycler...),
just make a folder, put yours shortcuts there, and point to this folder
into the bar. If the error comes again, try to create a spaceless name's folder


Re: Help on creating a theme

Shortcut thing done. End of this problem.

Now, to the other old problems: