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I'm new to LiteStep, and installing it for Win7 64bit was a bit of a hassle, but I got it working... mostly.

I'm currently using the theme "disappointments" by AndreDK on Deviantart, but I am unsure if the file browser theme is supposed to change, along with my icons and whatnot.

Here is how my desktop looks, and here is how it should look.

I'm not sure if I am missing another third party app to get the Windows file browser looking the way it should. Right now, I'm using a Win7 visual style to get the sleek metro look in order to match my shell.

Also, I don't know if all shells are like this but right-clicking on my desktop doesn't bring up LiteStep's menu, only the stock Explorer menu. I have to press the windows key in order to bring up the LS menu (to change themes and the like).

Hope I made myself clear enough.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Just a question regarding file browser themes


I am just a regular user but I'll try to help you.

LiteStep does not change the look of the file manager or anything that is a part of another application (e.g. Explorer.exe). LiteStep only affect it's own modules AFAIK.

I would guess that AndreDK is running Windows XP. I base this on two things; TrueTransparency which is included in the .zip file is a software for XP and also the screenshot where you see Explorer just have that XP feel to it. smile

There are a bunch of Visual Styles for Win7 on DA that probably fits better than Metro IMO. Are you using UXStyle from http://www.uxstyle.com/ or the manual patcher? I am not sure why people still insist on using the manual patcher. UXStyle is a breeze to use.

Since you said something about a hassle - here's a few extra tips:

If using x64 you want to use LiteStep 0.25 Alpha - http://www.lsdev.org/lib/exe/fetch.php? … -04-04.zip

It's recommended to use SetShell x64 when using Win7 x64 - http://forums.litestep.info/viewtopic.php?id=273 - Although on my system I just found out that the path to "litestep.exe" in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon was not embedded by "" in the "shell" string. But LiteStep still worked. Kind of weird. You may want to look into that registry value after setting the shell with this tool.

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Re: Just a question regarding file browser themes

Thank you for the info. And I wasn't aware of the UXStyle.

Another quick issue... Any time I restart my computer, LiteStep doesn't start up right away. I have to manually set the shell path in my registry editor and reboot the PC (I also set the binary value for AutoRestartShell to "0", but it gets reset every time my PC shuts down).

Edit: Forgot to mention... is it normal for Explorer to start up and for both shells to run when I try and browse files?


Re: Just a question regarding file browser themes

Not quite sure why you need to manually set LS as shell every time. Maybe you have some antivirus software or similar that resets the values? You don't need to reboot the computer after setting shell. A logout should be sufficient.

I remember having trouble with Explorer enabling the startmenu, taskbar and so on when trying to browse files. But I haven't experienced that for a long time. I have a vague memory that it might help to run each instance of explorer.exe as a separate process - http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-ti … em-freeze/ .


Re: Just a question regarding file browser themes

Kittenpunch: First, your username has me in a giggle fit.

If you used LOSI, it has problems setting the shell permissions correctly, and that could be the reason why the shell isn't starting up correctly. I would follow mrP's suggestion on using the x64 SetShell utility, and see if that doesn't fix your problem.