Topic: [Win7x64]LiteStep as shell cripples Chrome/Chromium

If I set LiteStep as shell and try to browse the web with either Chrome or Chromium no pages are rendered (they are just blank). Setting Explorer.exe or even EmergeDesktop as shell solves this problem.

Greywool helped me a bit with this and suggested I should run the browsers without litestep.exe running. This did not solve the problem. He also suggested I should use a portable version of Chromium and try. This did not work either. The Iron browser however - http://www.srware.net/software_srware_iron.php works like a charm (both the portable and regular version). Iron is based on Chrome. I have posted on their forums as well asking why their browser works, but not Chrome/Chromium. The post has not been approved yet.

Any ideas?


Re: [Win7x64]LiteStep as shell cripples Chrome/Chromium

Hmm, strange. For me, safari, IE and Firefox work. I'll have to test what Chrome does, it's so far not installed on any of my machines.

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Re: [Win7x64]LiteStep as shell cripples Chrome/Chromium

this should be related to run as administrator, Chrome / Chromium normally do not support this feature. Have you tried using the installer for all user accounts? (standalone installer). check litestep.exe is running as administrator, this may be the problem.
You can also try to finalize litestep.exe, start an instance of chrome.exe, and then a new instance of litestep.exe again, just to test.

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Re: [Win7x64]LiteStep as shell cripples Chrome/Chromium

There are currently 3 solutions to this issue.

1. Enable LSSetAsShell - this currently breaks SHRegisterChangeNofitication, so your file managers will not refresh themselves (and also makes explorer start when you close LiteStep).
2. Get the development version of chrome, they have fixed it on their side.
3. Disable hardware acceleration in the advanced settings of chrome.

I have a fix for LSSetAsShell breaking change notifications in the pipeline, but it currently has other side effects; and you will still have explorer poping up when you close litestep.


Re: [Win7x64]LiteStep as shell cripples Chrome/Chromium

when i set LSSetAsShell = true, litestep.exe starts again after a crash, not explorer.exe


Re: [Win7x64]LiteStep as shell cripples Chrome/Chromium

Technically, it is supposed to start the shell again on close, and probably does so up through Windows 7, but in my experience it always starts explorer on Windows 8.


Re: [Win7x64]LiteStep as shell cripples Chrome/Chromium

i'm on a win8 pro enviroment