Topic: Xlabel 4.3 problems

A person on deviantart sent me the following:

Hello BB we have not met but I've seen your themes around the litestep scene. You're quite talented at it and I was hoping you could perhaps help a novice (just discovered LS this year) understand Xlabel.

I got xtaskbar down and xTray but xpopup and xLabel confuse me greatly and even worse the forum admin on litestep.net isn't sending Emails so I could register there, and the help file for xLabel version 4.3 is broken!

I've spent three days desperately searching for a way to understand it, I really need it for a tablet interface I'm designing (click-able icons are a MUST)

I don't mean to bother you but can you please send me in the right direction on how it works, or at the very least send me a working version of the xlabel 4.3 help file?

Maybe you guys might be albe to help?


Re: Xlabel 4.3 problems

the xModules are all used with a consistent nature. If he has xTaskbar and xTray down then to learn xLabel really shouldn't be any different.

Tell him to download xLabel 4.2 (The docs for 4.3 are screwed up) and look at the docs here:


Re: Xlabel 4.3 problems

take this one:
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9tXLB4 … sp=sharing

Download all the zip file.


Re: Xlabel 4.3 problems

Also, please point him to the forums.