Topic: Way to delay a bang command?

As part of a modification to my theme, I want to script a couple events together, but I need one of them to happen after one action has finished running, not before.  Here's what I'm trying to do:

*Desktop lbutton+ctrl  !execute [C:\utilities\wallpaperchanger e:\wallpapers 3] [!recycle]

Wallpaperchanger.exe is a commandline way to change my wallpaper to something new.  The !recycle is necessary, because Litestep simply won't update the background for me until I do that.  The problem is sometimes the wallpaper switch takes too long and the recycle happens too fast, so all that happens is LS recycles, but the wallpaper doesn't change until ANOTHER recycle because the first one happened too fast.  Is there a way I can delay the !recycle from happening for a few seconds?


Re: Way to delay a bang command?

If I am understanding your problem correctly then the pause module should work.


Re: Way to delay a bang command?

Thanks for the advice, though I just now figured out a cleaner solution, since the pause time would be unknown.  What I did is link to a batch file instead, then at the end of it I put "C:\Litestep\litestep !recycle" so it would always run after the wallpaper switch command was done.   Being able to activate bang commands from the windows commandline was something I never realized how to do until now, hopes this helps someone later.