Topic: luZerne 1.0 Could use help on some aspects

Hey guys I made a LS theme as part of my Interactive design class. It's intended for Tablets but I'm also using it on my laptop. It's sort of intended as an alternative to Windows 8 as I feel like more people will turn to Litestep since Windows 8 seems to be less popular than Vista.

It's designed as a Moded interface, so I'll show off what I got in each mode, and say what Needs to be done.

Default Mode
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 … ltMode.png

-Buttonbar that either opens up the default set App or opens up a quick browser using a program called

- 7stacks https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 … Stacks.png
in essence it works like Mac OS X folder Stacks or an xPopup that only Popups one folder at a time and changes when you click another. I'd like to have this done In xPopup but I haven't been able to with my current Litestep Skills.

-Mode Orb The round orb at the bottom left side of the screen Opens a 7stack that lets you change to other modes.

-Task Orb The Large Orb in the Bottom Center, it lets you switch between application windows

-Thumbwin A Program that Generates thumbnails of current MinimCized Applications on the desktop. It's what I use instead of a Taskbar in this mode. It would make for an Incredible Litestep Module if possible.

System Tray and CPU monitor EARLY ALPHA
This is a sort of twist to the windows Start Screen and is featured in Both Windows and Default Mode. It's the arrow on the Center-Right of the screen.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 … Screen.png

System Tray The classic tray, the up and down arrows let you scroll through the icons and the gear opens the Volume control as a workaround to the Litestep Win7 Error.

Stats Screen A twist of the Windows 8 start screen rather than scrolling through Apps, this screen displays Data like CPU, Ram Connection speed Currently Running tasks and processes and other Data that could be of use. It's Extremely Alpha but I know I need to use some form of Rainmeter to get the data Monitors but I'm not sure how to code scrolling through different ones, (and hiding them once they reach the edge of the tray/screen

Windows Mode
A sort of Emulation of traditional Windows setup.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 … wsMode.png

This theme shares several features with Default Mode including the
- Systemtray CPUScreen
-Mode Orb
-Task Orb
-ThumbWin (Optional)

but also features
Taskbar - The traditional Taskbar with large icons. If More than 6 are displayed than arrows appear to allow for scrolling. It currently Only Displays tasks so no Superbar shortcut Pinning yet.

Start Menu NOT FUNCTIONAL- A recreation of the Windows 7 Start Menu With larger icons

Desktop Icons NOT FUNCTIONAL This was going to be an option rather than a feature, but Clickonic Crashes Litestep Every time I recycle even the latest version.

QuickLaunch Icons NOT FUNCTIONAL I Want Quick Launch Icons that act just like the taskbar icons, and would let you scroll through them in a similar fashion. I have not been able to achieve this feature in any way.

Game Mode
A mode designed to play Non-Tablet friendly games using a choice of various virtual controllers.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 … ngMode.png

-Virtual Controllers A wide variety of controllers based on Console controllers with programmable buttons, It's currently set to NES because that's a simple controller to start with. Eventually I'll have it load a user selected controller (once more are made)

-Mode Orb The Silver game controller icon, it changes the mode back to normal

-All other tasks and modes are hidden to ensure the widest viewing area possible.

Anyways That's what I got so far (sorry for using Dropbox Links the forums wont let me upload for some reason) What do you guys think? Also for the stuff I haven't gotten made should this topic or Post my specific issues in the HELP section?


Re: luZerne 1.0 Could use help on some aspects

I think it looks great so far!

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Re: luZerne 1.0 Could use help on some aspects

While some of these features sound great in concept, I doubt they could be practically applied (especially the Mac OS X- style "stacks" function you described). A start menu however should be fairly straight-forward , in-fact some litestep themes have already implemented this.