Topic: Icon for a single xpopup entry?

Hey guys I've run into an issue when experimenting with xPopup. I read the docs, but I can't figure out how to get an icon for a single entry in a popup bang. My plan was to give the Shutdown, Logoff and other related entries specific icons. I'd also like to give single folders specific icons to make it less confusing when popping up things like the C-drive.

Did I miss the option when searching the Help files or is it only possible to change group icons?


Re: Icon for a single xpopup entry?

Something like this:

*Popup .icon="explorer.exe,1"    "File manager"            "$FileManager$"

        *Popup .icon="shell32.dll,27" "Shutdown"          !ShutDown
        *Popup .icon="shell32.dll,24" "Run..."            !Run


Re: Icon for a single xpopup entry?

Thank you so much Alur~! It worked perfectly,  I'm curious where it's located in the xPopup Docs, is it a part of xPaintclass?


Re: Icon for a single xpopup entry?

It's located under the "Custom Icons For Entries" part in xPopup_ReadMe.html (near the bottom).


Re: Icon for a single xpopup entry?

Found it thanks a lot, one problem I've run into with the icons of xPopup though is it refuses to use icons larger than a certain size, and I plan to have large 64x64 Icons for touchscreens, the icons end up really pixelated at that size though it should be using the larger cleaner version of said icon.

Is this an issue with xPopup or am I missing something?