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Topic: 2013-07-21 experimental build, and some new modules

I just posted a new build over at lsdev.org

There are 2 major changes

First of, LSAutoHideModules should now be a lot more responsive, and properly hide/show modules when something enters/exits fullscreen. It will also keep the modules hidden on a particular monitor as long as there is a fullscreen window on that monitor, and not show them again just because the fullscreen monitor loses focus.

Secondly, I added support for a new .RC syntax, letting you specify the prefix for a set of lines.

It looks like this:

        Setting1 123
        Setting2 abc

Internally, this is equivalent to writing this, but in my opinion looks quite a bit cleaner.

Prefix1Prefix2Setting1 123
Prefix1Prefix2Setting2 abc

Longer sample:

;   Taskbar -- The taskbar on the primary monitor.
*nTaskbar Taskbar
    Parent MainTaskbar
    X 45
    Y 0
    Width $ResolutionX-50-250$
    Height $MainTaskbarHeight$
    Color #0000
    Monitor Primary
        Color #9000
        HoverColor #9555
        MaxWidth 300
            Color #9777
            HoverColor #9888
            Color #9F55
            HoverColor #DF55
        MaxWidth 600
        Height $TaskbarHeight$

                Top 10
                Left $TaskbarButtonHeight$
                Bottom 5
                Right 5
            X 2
            Y 2
            Height $TaskbarButtonHeight-4$
            Width $TaskbarButtonHeight-4$
        Color $MainTaskbarColor$

I have also updated xPaintClass, xLabel, xPopup, xDesk, xStatsClass, and xTray to work with the new LiteStep core, and hopefully fixed the invisible icon/garbled text issue. They all require the Visual Studio c++ 2012 redistributable, and nothing else.

You can get the new modules (and the source code) here: http://alurcard2.net/LiteStep/Modules/. Let me know if there are any other modules which will not load with the latest litestep core.

Note that the new nModules require both the new 2013-07-21 LiteStep core, and the Visual Studio c++ 2013 redistributable.
You can get it here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download … x?id=39315.

Also, as a note on 64bit builds of LiteStep.

A 64bit LiteStep core can only load 64bit modules.
A 32bit LiteStep core can only load 32bit modules.

Don't mix up the architecture(# of bits here...) of your modules and your core they need to match!


Re: 2013-07-21 experimental build, and some new modules

Nice work with updated modules! Like the new syntax alot.

Works more or less for me with the new modules, only issue I get is an error message that says something about: GetTokenW in DLL-file lsapi.dll.

Still everything seems to work..

So far I load:

I had to install msvcp120.dll the get the new modules to work, if that could have something to do with it.


Re: 2013-07-21 experimental build, and some new modules

That error message sounds like you were trying to load nMediaInfo with an old version of lsapi.dll. And yes, I guess I should have done more than put a single line about it on LSP, you need the visual studio 2013 c++ redistributable for the new builds of the nModules.

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download … x?id=39315


Re: 2013-07-21 experimental build, and some new modules

Yes my bad, didnt update to the latest build wink

Now everything seems to be in order.