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The Bug Tracker on lsdev.org appears to be down. Is there a list somewhere of the open issues with the current build? I'm particularly interested in issues related to Vista/7 or 64-bit compatibility.


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Bugs seem to be showing up just for me at lsdev, but ... this isn't the "official" repository (I think it's technically Acidfire's), you can find some bugs and issues listed here: https://github.com/lsdev/litestep/issues

Also, alur has put in a bunch of hard work lately to get some of the blocking bugs for Vista and 7 solved. (which can be found here: https://github.com/alur/litestep)

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Re: Bug List?

Does all the development going on make it to ShellFront?  Or is all that development on just the core of LiteStep?

Are there any new alphas beyond 2009-04-04??

Just wondering :-)  Also wondering ...

If we find any application specific crashes that happen with LiteStep and not with explorer, would it help to post those anywhere?

Just to be clear about my abilities ... I'm not up to the level of C or C++ programmer yet, but I'm good with scripting (mIRC, a bit of VB, windows batch files) and I totally get LiteStep.  Makes sense and is easy so I can test.  I hope to help as much as I can when I can. :-)


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If you find any bugs, LSDev's bug tracker is probably the best place for them smile


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Maduin, that really you?  I see I missed you by a year, but if you're still around, do stop by and say hello again.  We all mostly still set in #lsdev.