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I want to update some of my favorite old themes on dA to use the new modules so they'll work more properly unfortunately from what I could gather from the docs they use a new scripting format I don't quite understand. I work better by examples, are there any out there yet that use the nModules?


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You have nModules doc ? I asked for it but I still dunno where to get it.


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The docs are over yonder.

Things have quieted a bit for me, I'll try and see if I can get some kinda theme up and running soonish. Have one in plans which was to be the default for the new LOSI, but could try to make my current theme more compatible with other screen setups too.

No promises of time frames though!

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Omg is that a doc ?
I don't know how to do a label XD

No really don't understand anything about the docs.

Look https://code.google.com/p/n-modules/wiki/nWallpaper
Does it work with win7 ? And what are wallpapers styles ?
Not meant to be rude, but now i know why there's no docs in modules archives.


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Okay Greywool,
I feel dumb for not really getting the new format but I'm sure I'll get it once there are a few examples out. So I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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Thinking about it, I have time to help to make documentation (as help file or html) but first the wiki must be complete.


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Finally got around to it, have a mostly-working version of my theme. Few things to note though:

- The theme is still somewhat WIP, waiting for incoming nmodule features

- Left-clicking the Firefox icon launches $Browser$
- Right-clicking the Firefox icon opens a popup folder Personal\shortcuts, which doesn't exist by default. I just keep shortcuts to commonly used programs there.
- Middle-clicking the Firefox icon opens the popup folder for easy editing. Might not work right if you haven't created the folder manually

- Left-clicking the notes icon launches $AudioPlayer$
- Right-clicking the notes icon launches $MediaPlayer$

- Left-clicking the clock launches $TxtEditor$
- Middle-clicking the clock launches Windows' Date and Time dialog

- If mail checker is enabled, the very bottom left corner of the theme lights up white when checking for mail, red if errored or bluish if unread mail(s) was found
- The text label is usually used for currently playing song's title, but most people might not use XMPlay. If you do, change the Text to "[WindowTitle('XMPLAY-MAIN')]". If you use some other, change it to anything applicable. Might need to add width to the label as well (Currently there's no auto-sizing features on nlabel)

Anywho, the download link is here. Drop any questions into this thread.

Also note that it works the best with the newest experimental LS build (2013-08-07, mirror) and the 0.6.5 nmodules which don't seem to be officially released, but I chucked 'em over here as temporary means to grab 'em.


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Very nice! it's simple and gets the job done, I was also able to use your stuff as a reference to convert one of my favorite xThemes into an nTheme. The only thing that bugged me about yours was the clock gets covered up by a fullscreen window but I was able to fix that with a simple "AlwaysOnTop"

Speaking of time do you know how the nModules handle a text format time I need a digital clock for my theme for it to be a 100% recreation.


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Yup, 'tis in the docs wiki.

LabelnameText "[Time('%#H:%M:%S')]"


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Oh wow how could I miss that! I looked under "Time" in the wiki Thanks a lot, have dates been implemented as well?


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Anything listed here works. Unfortunately doesn't include "st/nd/rd" for dates. tongue


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Okay I got it! Works like a charm. Another issue I noticed though is "dynamic" folders seem to not work with nPopup, I managed to adjust the popup.rc file to work with them but I figured it's worth mention.


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Okay I'm updating an even older theme (Pre-Xmodule) and I was wondering if the Nmodules still have support for truetransparency via Magic Pink?


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Okay so I figured it out, in Windows 7 if Aero is disabled transparency settings for PNGs in litestep don't work. This is slightly annoying for some themes since it gives them black boxes around their borders. I did get it fully working though aside from the slightly less than pleasing graphics so I can't complain too much. Thanks for the Help Greywool.