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Topic: ALI - Another LiteStep Installer

I've been working on a new LiteStep installer over the past week.  It's functional, but missing a few things.

The installer is for Vista or higher.
Currently it only uses x86 builds.
Currently there is scripting in place to automatically download all required vcredist's, but it is disabled.
It overwrites all previous LOSI registry entries and files (if installed to same location as a previous.)
No more choice of type of install.
Profiles are located in the litestep dir. (was thinking of moving it to documents or %appdata%/roaming)
Working on a new default theme using nModules.
Writing a new shell switcher.
Writing a new application for easy evars setup. (No more editing by hand)

The latest release is in the bin folder on github.  If you do give it a try, I recommend using it in a VM for now.

You can find the ALI github at https://github.com/testmad/ALI

I really need feedback from the community so that I can make this installer the best it can be.

Note: I'm not trying to take away from what x79 is doing, but I have been wanting to redo the litestep installation since windows 7 came out.


Re: ALI - Another LiteStep Installer

Finished new shell switching app. Works on Vista + of course.  Modified the final install dir structure a bit and changed a few small things.

New release available in the bin folder.


Re: ALI - Another LiteStep Installer

Thanks to Greywool, I have made a lot of changes to the ShellSwitch app that could have resulted in a borked registry.  The exe at https://github.com/testmad/ALI/tree/master/ShellSwitch has been updated to reflect the changes.


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Easy Evars now working.

You can get the exe at https://github.com/testmad/ALI/tree/master/EasyEvar

Still gotta add in the icon, but it works.


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Hey, cool development! Thanks! Keep up the good work!

LiteStep addict since b23. http://brembs.net


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Cool, I'll see how well it plays with windows 8.